Choosing your first car is far from easy. There is so much to look out for in terms of mechanics, financing the purchase, maintenance and a lot more considerations that can overwhelm first-time buyers.

Here are some tips to make that process less stressful:

Be Realistic

When you decide to purchase your first car, you need to be realistic with your expectations. You will probably not be able to afford your dream luxury car right now. Match your budget with the type of car you can realistically afford and maintain. You can perhaps purchase your Mercedes or Ferrari later in life.

Buy Used

Buying a used car from a trusted retailer can be the best value for money purchase. This allows you to purchase an older version of your favourite car or brand.

A backpacker Swiss friend bought an old Holden station wagon. I was dubious it would make it down the street but it faithfully took him around Australia as he clocked up 1000’s of ks.

Perhaps he was fortunate but you can get a reliable car at a fraction of the price of a new one.

Follow your Heart

Your first car is arguably the most memorable car you will ever own. You want to follow your heart and buy the vehicle that you can afford and want.

More often than not, the cars you want are out of your price range. This should not stop you from going after what you want. You can finance the purchase of your dream car with the help of a car loan from a specialised institution that will make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

Buy New

As great as used cars are when it comes down to it, there is no beating a brand-new vehicle. Often these new vehicles come with a warranty and various other perks. You can purchase a reasonably reliable brand-new vehicle for the price of a used luxury vehicle.


When purchasing a new car, you need to consider the cost of maintenance. Would you instead buy a slightly more expensive but fuel-efficient car over a cheaper and fuel-intensive vehicle?

You might also want to buy a car that is popular so that the spare parts will be easier to find and it will generally be cheaper to repair.


Bargaining is an essential action when purchasing your first automobile. More often than not car salespeople do not give you the best deal because they are trying to protect their bottom line.

Pressure them, bargain with them, persuade them. But most importantly, make sure you leave the dealership with the best deal possible. The few hundred dollars you save will go a long way.

Consider Operational Costs

When you think about the cost of purchasing a vehicle, you usually look at the price of a car and make your conclusion. A car that costs you less to purchase initially can end up costing you a fortune in maintenance, repairs and the likes down the road. Avoid frivolities, go for effectiveness and reliability when deciding.

Gearing Up

There are two types of vehicle owners, the manuals and automatics. This age-old struggle for dominance between both car types has a considerable effect on how you drive.

Automatic vehicles are generally more comfortable to drive, and they are suitable for first-time car owners. The only downside would be poor fuel efficiency.

Manual vehicles give you more control over your car, and it truly makes you feel alive. Fuel efficiency is pretty good too.

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