Hearses are vehicles adapted to move a corpse into a coffin. At present, they have to comply with the regulations established in each place. That is, custom hearses for sale β€œinkaslimos.com” here are a number of requirements to be met that are essential for a car to provide body transport service.


The concept of custom hearses for sale a hearse exists since time immemorial. The coffins began to move in carriages, and over time, this transport has evolved to reach the vehicles we know today.

They were also used to transfer family members and relatives, but this is no longer customary and many funeral homes offer family transfer service in another type of car.

Funeral cars are made some adjustments and modifications so that the coffin enters comfortably, along with all the floral arrangements received by the deceased in his last goodbye. These vehicles are not only used in the funeral home, many provide their services to hospitals, funeral homes and morgues for the transfer of corpses.

What Requirements Must a Hearse Meet?

Cars intended to provide this important service have some peculiarities that make it different, in the same way as some requirements to be met.

  • The vehicle must be wide and long enough to place the coffin without any complications.
  • There should be a noticeable and tight separation between the driver’s cabin and the space occupied by the coffin.
  • The place where the coffin is placed must be made of a waterproof material. Thus, in the event of an unforeseen event, it can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
  • It must contain metal bars that hold and secure the coffin to prevent it from moving.
  • The driver will have his seat and another for a passenger (maximum 2 people), located in the front of the car.
  • There is no specific color, although they are mostly black and gray. Similarly, there is no particular brand.
  • With the fulfillment of the requirements, an authorization is issued indicating that it is a vehicle suitable for the transfer of corpses.

While serving, they are not allowed to make stops or remain in places, whether they are private or public. There are some exceptions, such as ceremonies or special events.

Interesting Data

In some countries the custom hearses for sale available with white and gold, although the predominant color is black due to the solemnity of the act. When a representative of society dies, such as a politician, hearses are escorted by military or police officers, but they are exceptional cases. On the other hand, there is no particular brand that manufactures hearses, but the vehicles must undergo the corresponding adaptations.

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