Long gone are the days of putting your key in the ignition and turning it to start the engine. The remote key fob is an invention that combines simplicity and convenience. As long as you have your key fob on your person, you won’t ever have to worry about carrying a heavy keychain again.

However, the convenience suddenly slips away when you go to get in your car and it doesn’t unlock. You check your pockets and your purse. You go back into the house and search endlessly.

Where is it and what do you do now?

Losing your key is a hassle. Here are some important tips to guide you through the process so the solution doesn’t have to be.

Call Your Local Dealership During the Dilemma

Calling your local dealership in your time of need is your best bet with a newer model car. Your newer model likely requires expensive programming equipment. The dealership will know exactly what is needed to program your new remote car start based on the specific make and model.

When you’ve already lost your keys the thought of having to spend extra cash may seem unfair. A cheaper alternative is tempting, yet some dealers won’t work with aftermarket fobs. Spending the extra money is the best way to ensure you have quality equipment.

Your car is a great investment and part of your daily routine. Making sure your replacement fob is one-hundred percent reliable is part of the solution.

Roadside Assistance to the Rescue

Aftermarket key fobs are more likely to work with cars that are 10 years or older. To put it simply: the fobs for older cars just aren’t as advanced. Calling roadside assistance if you are the driver of an older car could be a viable solution.

Roadside assistance organizations commonly work with insurance companies to offer customer discounts. This means any time you experience a flat tire or need to have your vehicle towed you are likely covered. Try calling roadside assistance and discussing your options to have a keyfob replacement the same day.

A Locksmith Is Your Lucky Charm

Did you know that calling your local locksmith is another great way to assist you when you need a replacement key fob?

Calling a locksmith could save you a lot of money in the long run. They handle the replacement of the fob and the programming and are also able to come out to wherever you are.

Once you call the locksmith it may only take a few hours until you are back on the road and ready to face the day. At most the process will take two hours, at a minimum it will take 45 minutes. It will all depend on the make and model of your vehicle.

Contacting a locksmith will is one of the easiest ways you will save money and time.

Get Your DIY on

According to Keyless Entry Remote Inc, one of the first iterations of the remote key fob hit the market in 1995. It was invented by Siemens for a Mercedes-Benz and introduced as a “key-less go” remote.

Program the Problem Away

Although you may not have a keyfob right when you need it, your extra fob may be in the hands of a family member. A solution to your missing key fob is all about your ability to program. Once you get your hands on the extra fob it will only take a few simple steps for you to program a new one on your own.

If aftermarket is an option you will be able to purchase a fob on your own at a local retailer or online. Check your owner’s manual for directions before you scour the internet for assistance. The reprogramming could take as little as five minutes.

Remote Key Fob Repairs Will Save You From Despair

Remote key fob replacement doesn’t just have to happen when you lose them. While a full replacement may be necessary when the fob stops working, check and see if the battery is low first.

To learn more about the car remote start and how it works, check out this blog post at xtremewindowtintil.com on the topic.

Replacing the Battery

One of the most common culprits for remote key fob repairs is battery replacement. A telltale sign that you need to replace the battery happens when you get close to the car with the keyfob in hand. If it no longer unlocks the vehicle like it used to, it may be time to replace the battery.

Luckily, battery replacement is a cheap fix that you can install quickly.

A simple battery replacement doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a flathead screwdriver and you will be able to replace the battery in minutes.

First, find the notch that opens the fob. Maneuver the screwdriver in and you will come across the battery that needs replaced.

You will have to purchase the battery, but this is much cheaper than a full-on fob replacement. Replacement batteries will generally cost less than five dollars. After you insert the battery into the correct slot and close the key fob everything is as good as new.

You Hold the Key to the Solution

The next time your remote key fob goes missing you will have all the information you need to make a swift and informed choice about what to do next. Whether a full replacement is necessary or a simple repair will do the trick, you will be back on the road in no time.

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