How to impress your high – Profile Clients

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When a high profile client is expected to visit your office you have lots of stuff to do such as cleaning of the office, preparation of PowerPoint presentations, booking hotels and dinner reservations in a high class hotel, restaurant. There are number of things to be done to impress your client and ensure their visit is productive and fruitful. Limousine rentals in Toronto has developed a list on how you can impress your high profile client.

Ensure your staff is professionally dressed

Dress is the language which needs no translation, the way people dress at work has been evolved over the period of time and people are even allowing jeans at their work places. In an event when you are having a high profile client at your office you must ensure that all of your team members are properly and professionally dressed. The support staff (office boys, security guards and drivers etc) must have a proper clean uniform provided by the office. While the Management staff and other employees working in office must have a professional dress for this event. The sense of dressing and professionalism creates the best impression on the high profile client.

Plan meeting outside of office

All day office events and meetings are so boring and frustrated. The best way to get rid of this boring and robotic style is to plan meetings other than office venue. This will not only ensure that the client is comfortable but also you have a great chance to show them around your city. There are plenty of options in every city which are famous for their place and food. Your guests must not only feel comfortable but also relaxed so that you can continue discussing your business prospects. The client feels refreshed and experience a new environment that can spark the new ideas for your business and mutual interests.

Booking a luxurious hotel

For accommodation and their stay you must consider the best seven or five star hotel in your city so your high profile client is comfortable during their stay. The best hotel services, food and the comfortable rooms are one of the few features of five star hotels. The client will have a deep and relaxing sleep at the end of the hectic day and also will be able to get relaxed with lots of available facilities in the hotel such as swimming pools, gyms and other games.

Best Transportation for Travel

It will be the best opportunity for you to impress your client by hiring best transportation service for them. Hiring a limo will be a unique and superb idea as they are specious and luxurious vehicles which are mostly used for vip transportation and event such as the corporate visits and commute. So you can be sure of one thing that the service you hire will create a really great impression on your guest as well as the commute will be really comfortable. Even if you are not accompanying them they will be in the company of highly trained chauffeurs who are well versed of daily commute with high profile guests. They not only drive the vehicle but also are really good tour guides along with the language expertise.