In the current error it is quite difficult to find a truly bad car, to be honest compared to previous years. This is as a result of improvement in manufacturing process. There is progress in in every element of automotive construction, we are a leaving in a period with the most reliable cars. It is possible to just walk in a showroom and drive out with a new car and trouble free for in year to come. Most car makers although they do not define clearly how long the car will behave like a new one.  It is for this reason we review these cars as the most reliable one, keeping in mind they are not perfect.  Hop in as we take you in a ride of some tested brands.

Toyota Prius

We give it the top most rank for some reasons. It is a very efficient and dependable, as much as it cannot win a spot of exiting cars.  Good for high mileage customers. Going from $20000 it a fair price considering it has excellent gas mileage. The battery technology is improved, a better four cylinder performance and when it comes to interior it is made to suit those who spend many hours in the car.

Hyundai Elantra

Takes the top positon the class of most reliable compact cars. Fairy cheap to buy and maintain, going from $18000. Definitely a car of choice for those who are on a budget.  It is a competitor to Honda civic and Toyota Corolla, but over the years it has evolved to be  an all rounded compact vehicle. All through the many years it will be on the road, the maintenance cost are always low. It comes with an array of a number of tech features. 8 inch touch screen, android auto compatibility and a wireless phone charger. Most of this cars are 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. To add on to this it gives the option of eco and sport modes, performance and efficiency combined.  Check some used cars for sale.

Lexus GS

If you are looking for a luxury car, then look no further and settle on Lexus GS. It gives supreme comfort and built with high quality in mind.  Will impress those who are prefer to blend of style and comfort.  Goes from $46000.While other competitors of its kind struggle with mechanical failures and electrical issues, this car brings more than comfort, a peace of mind. It will not will not win a drag race if put alongside rivals Mercedes Benzes E-Class and BMW 5 series, but when it comes to endurance in covering  more miles, it is the undisputed champion.  It offers a quality ride, a big factor for those interested to own a luxury car. The GS seduces with a clean and sharp interior design.

Toyota 4Runner

It takes the spot of most reliable SUV, it offers off-road capability, dependability and versatility. Comes ready to tackle any kind of obstacle, be it away in the jungle or in a friendlier environment like a shopping mall parking lot. Cost from $34000. It might not be fast, but the interior is designed to give you quiet comfort as you go up and down mountainous regions.  You never regret having this as one of your toys, definitely it will be the favorite. If you need to rent a car for a camp, go for it.

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