If you want to keep your fleet on the road, you need to ensure that every function of your operation is running swiftly and efficiently. From vehicle parts and equipment to the paperwork and the workforce, all operations should work smoothly. However, trying to keep track of all the information regarding fleet maintenance and management manually is time-consuming and expensive.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the fleet management of your business and looking for more ways to profit, you should use vehicle maintenance software. It helps you to simplify all the processes related to fleet maintenance. This software supports not only in the short term with the management of your files but saves your hard-earned money in the long run.

Do you want to learn how? Read on.

Vehicle maintenance software offers the following benefits that prove you cannot afford to be without it.

  1. Extends Asset Life

If your fleet has stopped working suddenly and there is a need arise to sideline it, then it can result in added costs and headaches for both you and your clients. To prevent unexpected breakdowns and extend the life span of your vehicle, you can take advantage of vehicle maintenance software provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions. Within this software, preventive maintenance can be pre-scheduled. You can also get previous records of inspections and warranty information. This preventive maintenance plan can proactively address small issues in a vehicle so you can manage it easily. Preventive maintenance is an upfront investment in time and resources that will surely pay off in the end.

  • Increase Safety of Employees

As an employer, you are liable for the safety of your employees when your employee is working within the scope of your employment. Therefore, if your driver hits another car on its way to ship goods, your fleet company will be liable for the safety of that driver and the parties who have been hit by its employee. This type of liability you can minimize by ensuring that every vehicle and equipment used by your employees is in tip-top condition. Using fleet maintenance software, you can easily access for every employee operating equipment or vehicle.

  • Automatic Logging

A fleet management and maintenance system come with automatic logging features. It assists you to record essential data such as speed, re-routing, location, and mileage in real-time. A database stores all these data.  This information you can use later on to solve issues, simplify operations, and even create a better risk management policy.

  • Higher Customer Retention Rates

Not only your employees, but your consumers also benefit from a fleet management portal. They can log into a portal and track the goods. It can make the delivery of goods efficient and effective. By integrating GPS tracking in your software, your customers can rely on the technology for the status updates of their assets. They do not have to make a repetitive call to find out the approximate arrival time of their goods. Therefore, increased customer satisfaction gives you a better chance to retain valued business.  This software also simplifies your asset, inventory, and work order management as you can get all the below-mentioned information regarding your fleet, employees, and customers.

  • Performance and repair history
  • Unit allocations
  • Downtime
  • Fuel and oil usage
  • Warranties
  • Technical specifications
  • Nested maintenance and service schedules
  • Job standards
  • Work requests
  • Repair and service campaigns
  • Warranty flagging and repair tracking
  • Workshop labor capture
  • Location assignments
  • Operating information

In Conclusion

Concisely, your fleet is the heart of your business, and keeping it well managed can be challenging without vehicle maintenance software. When you use it, it boosts the productivity and sustainability of your business. It helps you in protecting your business against market fluctuations and hidden costs.

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