Looking for a travel trailer with a fully functional living room? Here is one at our sight that might simply impress you at the first glance itself. You can call it a moving home where you can live your life to the full while it takes you places.

These days the trend for travel trailer is on the rise, and most of them come almost as ready as a plug and play home.

Yes, it is the 2020 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite Travel Trailer 26KB we are talking about.

From the famous Iowa RV dealer, we got to know all the details about what the 2020 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite Travel Trailer 26KB model can give you. in the same above mentioned dealership showroom, we got to meet a family ho has recently purchased the 2020 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite Travel Trailer 26KB and were all praise about this model, saying they couldn’t expect for anything better.

What is Packed In

The 2020 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite Travel Trailer 26KB can be best described as a fully functional travel trailer, that invites into its plush living room where you can slide in with ease.

Living and Bedroom Space

The living space allows as much space as much you can think of after placing a front king sized bed, and tri-fold sofa,while kids can get to play a game straight on the open floor.

The automaker had that much innovative idea to squeeze out so much space for six people to sleepdine and enjoy quality family time together in it.

Cooking and Dining

The dinette is cleverly cut out u-shaped to place all the six adults to dine with comfort or to play a game of cards. This is a unit where you would love to cookon the three burner range of slab while heading out for outdoors when the weather is perfect for one.

Wash and Restroom

Freshen up with a shower at the rear end restroom, that has all the equipment to freshen you up. After a hectic drive when it is time to cool down, use the rear bath as per your convenience. The fittings will be done as per your choice, and the options you get in their website.

Interior Fittings

As the name suggests the 2020 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite Travel Trailer 26KB is meant to make things lighter, easier, and more affordable for you. get into its 6′ 11″ heightened room with barreled ceiling, and you get ample interior space for a family of six. The caravan is ready to be used with LED lighting done everywhere you need to see. It makes you feel at home at all time with each unit of its features being a proof of a mindful layout and design. To help you stay connected to the virtual and electronic world, it scatters multiple charging stations and USB ports that are of 12v capacity.

Available with the best RV dealer in Iowa, 2020 Cruiser Radiance Ultra Lite Travel Trailer 26KB offers you a bevy of customizable floorplans, in which you can enjoy the comfort of a residential-style camper room where you can fit in your choice of free standing furniture to convert it into a stylish homely space.

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