Tire failure is one of the many reasons why vehicle accidents happen anywhere in the world, not excluding Dubai. In fact, according to the various studies, tire failure is accounted for hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents each year, with worn down treads and under inflated tires seen as its major causes.

When tires under such conditions are subjected to even further wear and tear, not only will it result in the vehicle’s meager fuel economy and poor handling. Motorists may unexpectedly cover longer distances when they step on the brakes, causing their vehicles’ tire components to further breakdowns.

Indeed, an American study from a few years ago indicated that driving a vehicle that is more than 25 under inflated is thrice more likely to be involved in a crash than a vehicle with tires that are otherwise properly inflated. However, said study involved data from crashes covering the years 2005 through 2007. It is worth noting that that period was before any safety measures were put into effect to address the issue of tire safety. This brought to light what are called tire pressure monitoring system (TMPS), which were made a requirement in all manufactured vehicles from 2008 onwards.

TMPSs: Ensuring tire and overall vehicle safety

In the United States, TMPS have been installed on 2008 or newer models of passenger cars, light trucks or vans weighing 10,000 lbs. or less. It is mandated by federal law via the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation Act (TREAD), which was passed into law about 7 years before the system units were installed.

But what makes these systems effective in avoiding accidents in the first place? Basically, such a system works by warning the driver that one or all of the vehicles’ tires are in need of air through a horseshoe shaped symbol with an exclamation point that can be found on the dashboard. When the pressure of the tires are below 25 percent of what is recommended, the warning lamp lights up.

Moreover, TMPSs can be either one of the two types—direct or indirect. On one hand, direct TMPS works this way: when a tire’s recommended pressure in pounds per square inch (psi) reduces to about 25 percent, the pressure sensors, which are installed inside the tire, transmits signals towards the electronic control unit (ECU) via radio waves. It then lights up the low-pressure light that is found on the panel. Majority of the vehicles are installed with this type of systems. On the other hand, indirect TMPS
include sensors that don’t measure drops of air pressure within tires, but rather measure how fast a tire is rotating. A small tire rotates faster than a bigger one, and typically, a smaller tire means that it is not inflated properly.

By the time TMPS was introduced, it was first subjected to criticism because of certain problems. Fast forward today, these systems have become even more reliable than ever. Indeed, these are one of the many vehicle safety measures that have helped a lot of motorists in avoiding accidents on the road.

TMPS in Dubai

Any car owner should realize the safety benefits of TMPS for their vehicles as the system can save them from potentially deadly consequences. If you want to have your 4×4 checked, make sure to visit a Range Rover service center in Dubai. It is proven that many traffic accidents in Dubai have been caused by tire related problems, and one effective way to counter it is to practice all necessary safety measures, such as subscribing to TMPS.

If you want your vehicle to be 100-percent road-worthy and safe, do not hesitate to visit your trusted Range Rover service center in Dubai to have your vehicle’s tires check via TMPS.

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