For most people, the search for ‘best of” vehicles focuses on areas like the best sedans for the most affordable trucks for a given year. When you’re shopping for a family car or a work truck, this makes sense. What if you’re interested in something a little more exotic?

What if you’re one of those super car guys?

The definition of a super car gets hazy as companies produced limited-run vehicles with practically one-of-a-kind engines. Even so, you can still find plenty of super cars without those limitations. So keep reading for our list of top super cars for 2021.

1. Porche 911 Turbo

In the world of supercars, the Porche 911 Turbo is considered by many the dividing line between a sports car and a super car. You might classify it among super sport cars, but it’s definitely among the list of super cool cars.

With a little over 570 hp, all-wheel drive, and sleek lines, this car will never disappoint.

2. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

The name Lamborghini is almost synonymous with the term super car. For many, the distinctive Lamborghini look is the definition of the super car. The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ continues in that tradition, offering the low-slung body that everyone expects.

The carbon fiber and leather interior will please the most demanding drivers. Of course, its V12 engine doesn’t hurt either. Capable of cracking 200 miles per hour with more than 700hp, you’ll never wonder why this vehicle is on the list of super cars.

3. McLaren 720S

Another regular feature on best of super car lists is McLaren. Their 720S is, perhaps, one of the more practical super cars on the list. While it’s another car capable of cracking the 200 miles per hour barrier, McLaren also focuses on delivering a vehicle with exceptional driveability.

You can thank the distinction carbon-fiber tub design for a lot of driveability.

4. Honda NSX

The Honda NSX is the super car that nobody ever seems to remember is a super car. Boasting a hybrid design with both electric motors and twin-turbocharded V6.

While it can’t compete off the line with some of the entries here, it can operate more realistically as a daily vehicle. The hybrid option lets you run quiet.

5. Corvette C8

While most super cars come out of Europe, Chevy got into the game with its Corvette C8. While not as powerful as some of it’s super car brethren, its nearly 500hp V8 will leave most drivers more than happy with the experience.

Is a Super Car Right For You?

Your average super car is simply priced too high for the average consumer with many running in the $300,000 and up range. Of course, if you enjoy a highly profitable job then all bets are off. If your income proves a little more modest, though, you’re not out of the running just yet.

The Corvette C8 is still pricey at around $60,000 for a base model, but not entirely out of reach.

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