The Blazer series from Chevrolet offers remarkable cars in every generation. Its 2023 versions are even more advanced and powerful which would make people want to buy it immediately. However, if you’re in the mood for such a great vehicle, then reaching Filer Chevrolet dealer is your best shot. However, you should take a look at this vehicle’s new aspects, pricing, and other details.

New changes involved in the 2023 model

Quite a lot of changes have been done to this generation Chevy Blazer. To make this SUV look distinctive, a complete facelift is given by the car manufacturing company. Most of the facelift changes can be seen in this vehicle’s front portion. Some of these changes include fresh components for lighting, brand-new grille styling, a sharper-looking hood portion, etc.

Chevrolet has made some changes to its back area too; these changes comprise an updated taillight design, a more distinctive back portion, etc. Also, changes include a new design for wheels that gives it a sharper aspect than its earlier versions, wheel sizes include an 18-21 inches option, etc.

Moreover, Chevy now offers more colors for Blazer’s exterior area. Some of the newly added options include Sterling Gray, Nightshift Blue, Copper Bronze, Radiant Red, and Fountain Blue. People opting for RS trim will be able to opt for the Nightshift Blue exterior paint.

Lastly, Chevy has updated the interior portion of this vehicle too. It now comes with a modern design and is loaded with tech features; these consist of wireless charging options, a 10-inch new touchscreen, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and more.

New prices of Blazer

Chevrolet offers 4 versions of the 2023 Blazer. The base model is 2LT available at $36,495, 3LT at $40,695, RS at $44,195, and Premier at $44,195. This is the updated price list of the 2023 Chevy Blazer.

Numerous people opt for the 3LT version or above trim as it will help in getting its V6 engine powertrain. Hence, it increases performance capability as well as towing capacity by 1000, which means it can tow 4,500 pounds. However, for this, people will have to get Blazer’s optional Trailering package.

However, most people opt for the RS or Premier version because it comes equipped with such packages along with Technology and Sound package; this comprises a camera setup with 360-degree movement, Bose stereo, rearview camera, extra USB ports, 120-volt outlet, and more.

To know about the prices of every version of Blazer along with the packages involved, you need to reach Filer Chevy dealer.

So, now you know about the new changes made to the 2023 Chevrolet Blazer along with their updated prices. Knowing about such changes and affordable pricing makes this an attractive car to buy nowadays.

This car can be used for everyday commuting as well as leisure weekend trips and more. The best way to get a feel for this vehicle is to get behind its steering wheel. Hence, you can simply contact a dealership and ask for a test drive before deciding to buy it. It is a great car that has been made even better with the changes mentioned here.

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