The variety of transportation that was invented by people is wide and serves different purposes. The issues related to oil, gas, electricity, and even bioenergy are shaking the world as they are related directly to the comfort of people. Amid these vehicles’ variety, trucks seem to be not so important on the background of airplanes with their speed and capacity or electric cars and their costs and perspectives. However, why the demand for trucking is still stable and even grows recently?

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), more than 71% of the supply chain is based on the heavyweight automobiles. They can reach almost all the destinations and retail points as roads are the basic transportation unit, compared to railroads, airports, or water. Actually, it means that the demand for automobile transportation will be stable until the appearance of new methods like teleports, which seem unreal in the nearest future.

Of course, some changes are possible and can be implemented rapidly. For instance, goods transportation can be accomplished by smaller trucks in order to make these processes faster, which can be a representation of the better service. However, when Elon Musk is speaking about the batteries for trucks, it means that the future of this kind of transportation exists.

Another argument to look at the job of a truck driver is tightly related to the specifics of labor in this sphere. Thus, ATA’s analysis confirmed that the average age of the existing workforce is rather high. It means that in about ten years or so, the demand will only increase due to natural reasons. What is interesting, even understanding this aspect, cannot save the market from the needs, and truck drivers will have higher salaries in the future due to objective reasons.

Returning to the initial question of this article, one can claim that all the demand problems can be easily overcome. Everyone who has a driving license but wants to enter the regarded pool of trucking can choose a CDL truck driving school and receive a job proposition in a few months. The variety of such schools is huge to obtain a needed number of drivers, but why does the demand still exist?

Knowing that game theory takes place in all human spheres of life, most of the potential truck drivers will regard entering the school only when will see the real benefits like higher salaries. However, the smartest will regard this variant now and gain benefits as experienced drivers when the demand is really huge.

By Tom Clark

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