It is needless to say that kids’ ride-on cars have revolutionised the toy industry in the last 15-20 years. One of the earliest fantasies for most kids is owning a ride-on car as it sets for them a learning platform to balance, mature and obtain a sense of freedom in their formative years. It also gives the parents a chance to watch their little ones flourish and achieve new milestones. Moreover, recent studies prove that self-driven toys play a crucial role in developing children’s motor and cognitive skills. With major players like coming to the fore in Australia, parents can browse through their vast catalogue and choose kids’ ride-on cars as per their preference. If you have questions about whether to buy a ride-on toy for your kid, we have covered all the important points on ride-on cars that you might find helpful.

Why Should You Buy Ride On Cars for Your Kids?

Many parents are still unaware of the perks of exposing their children to creative and real-time situations. Self-propelled toys nurture the cognitive potential of the kids by enhancing their hand-eye coordination, which enables them to carry out physically and mentally challenging tasks with ease. An added advantage is that the muscles of their hands will also be strengthened while riding on cars. Additionally, children learn to solve real-time issues by having the first-hand experience with various social circumstances. For instance, the backward and forward motion of ride-on cars prompts the kids to ponder the working principle behind these vehicles and ask questions to elders. It also familiarises them with the notions of weight and momentum and encourages them to be responsible. The multiple controls and various functions in the car stimulates spatial awareness in children.

Where to Buy?

With the demand for kids’ ride-on cars expanding now more than ever, choosing the perfect ride-on car for your kid is not a simple task. Ensure that you purchase ride-on cars for your kids from reputed retailers who sell products that suit your needs. Established retailers like sell both motorised and non-motorized ride-on vehicles ranging across sports cars, SUVs, motorbikes, push cars, pedal cars, tractors, balance bikes etc. so that customers can choose cars that suit their budget and preferences from a wide variety of options. Ensure that the car that you choose suits your kid’s age group.

Things one should Consider while Buying a Ride-on Car

Though any products that one buys from an established retailer would be safe for use, there are some features that one should keep in mind while purchasing a ride-on car.


It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the car that s/he chooses does suit the weight and height of the child. Make sure that the kid’s foot comfortably touches the ground when s/he is using it. Remember that the car is going to be a personal asset for your kid. Hence, make sure you do not spoil the experience by making wrong choices.


Nowadays, companies manufacture both motorised and non-motorized ride-on cars for kids. Though both of them are designed to nurture kids’ cognitive and motor skills, each has its unique features. So determine which one best suits your kid before making a choice.


Know your child’s preferences and let them guide your choice. Choose a colour that excites your kid to experience his/her joy to the fullest once the car reaches home.

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