Fleet Tracking System

In business the bottom line counts; that it is why it is essential to ensure that your fleet is operating as efficiently as possible – one simple tip to reduce the costs of your corporate fleet is to get Mobilizz Track fleet tracker. If you are not sure if this will help your fleet you can always contact Mobilizz for telematics consulting.

Mobilizz Track will provide you with a live window into your fleet’s life allowing you to allocate resources smarter and react to incidents as they occur. It’s a smarter way of doing business.

How does it work?

Knowledge is power and by understanding the following…

  • where a vehicle is currently
  • where it has been previously
  • and how it has been behaving

…you can make better judgments about;

  • how much your fleet is costing you
  • and how to improve your work practices
  • With Mobilizz Track fleet tracking system you can;
  • reduce unnecessary trips
  • reduce unnecessary hours
  • reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.

If you apply this to all of your fleet better margins can be achieved but it’s not just about costs; it will improve safety and security as well!

At Mobilizz Track we take the personal approach to doing business to offer large corporate fleets bespoke business solutions with our fleet tracking.

Features of Mobilizz Tracker are that with our web-based interface (we use Mygeotab software), no IT investment is required, it’s an easy-to-use interface offering an enhanced fleet tracker.

Features of our fleet tracking system include:

  • Current position of driver and vehicle status displayed
  • Contemporary and historical journey histories available
  • Quickly identify which vehicle is nearest to a specific location
  • Fully-featured free smart-phone App available
  • Reports – bespoke and downloadable
  • Access using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • No long-term contracts
  • Low monthly installments
  • Installed & configured for you
  • Additionally you can track and trace the vehicle if it is stolen or missing.

Benefits of Fleet Tracking

  • Track your mobile workforce in real-time
  • Reduce fuel costs and carbon-footprint
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of your employees
  • Increase customer satisfaction through greater control
  • Obtain detailed insight to help drive your business forward efficiently
  • Maintain ‘duty of care’ for staff
  • Record use of vehicles out of hours
  • Monitor various forms of reckless driving

Typical Industry Sectors:

  • Haulage, Distribution, Courier and Delivery services
  • Construction, Civil Engineering and Scaffolding services
  • Waste Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Public Authorities and Utility Companies
  • Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Flooring and Plastering
  • Environmental Services, Pest Control
  • Fire and Security
  • Car, Van and Lorry rental
  • Sales Personnel

The solutions provided by the Mobilizz Track fleet tracker have been developed for all transport, delivery and service fleets from cars to vans and trucks. The system is based on GPS Satellite, GSM and Internet technology.

This enables live monitoring, event, and status reporting of your vehicles, assets and drivers in real time in the field throughout Canada and the USA.

You can also access historical data for the last 12 months of driving activity. This allows you to improve your operations and protect against false claims or representation.

The Mobilizz Track fleet tracking system provides a wide range of capabilities that provide operational management and audit not only of the fleet, but of your workforce too. The collection of data and its analysis allows you to fight excessive fuel consumption, better organise the working time of individuals and increase the security of your vehicles. So why wait? You could be start saving money today. Contact Mobilizz Track today – we look forward to hearing from you and providing you with a superb fleet tracking system.

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