The current trend of automotive industry is busy in releasing more and more green car alternatives to neutralize the damage it has caused so far to the environment. In the first row of these Environment Friendly cars, we see the name of 2020 Kia Niro holding a prominent place. But it is not the only one that can catch your eyes. So, you might need the opinion of an expert who will help you decide, if this is the right model for you.

If you are reading this, we would say, you’re at the right place, as we got the opinions of a group of automotive experts whom we met at the Houston Kia dealer showroom. While we to share what they had to say, we also have jotted down some relevant information on the same.

Range of Power

Powered by 64 kWh battery pack the 2020 Kia Niro in tune with its closest rivals also makes 201 of horsepower 291 lb-ft of torque from the electric motor alone. But to make the rides even more relaxed and composed, Kia has widened and increased the overall length of its wheelbase. With this powerline under its hood, the 2020 edition of Kia Niro can reach you the destination, in a single charge, provided it is within the range of 400 km. Isn’t that more than enough to cut down the anxieties of going out of power during your daily commute? We guess it is.

Drive Quality

In the first glance itself the 2020 Kia Niro will feel intuitively sturdy, and the experts say, it is because of the flawless build quality that makes all the onlookers feel the same. With the existing massive battery power the torque that it creates is on the taller side of its class. As you kick start the engine, the instant pickup and throttle will surprise you pleasantly, which every driver will enjoy. The experts  also say that Niro has a more mature motor tuning than other existing EVs and that, it is one of the basic reasons behind its civilized drive.

The test drivers in tune with the auto experts agree to the same fact that driving a 2020 Niro is an  entirely different driving experience. What they particularly appreciated about is its regenerative braking feature that works in three-stages enhancing its modulating capacity through the steering-mounted paddles.

Cabin and Ride Comfort The experts at the Kia dealer serving Houston would most probably recommend the 2020 Kia Niro to the EV buyers with a strong positive note, while appreciating the inside layout of this Kia EV. They say, the 2020 edition of Niro EV has inherited all the best traits of a crossover by allowing more than sufficient place for both the passengers and their cargo their bags and luggage, measuring about 1,543 which is no less than the segment of recent subcompact crossovers. But what makes the 2020 Kia Niro a more desirable EV, is its pampering front seats and the relaxing rear seat, sitting where you won’t have to listen to the outside chaos even if it is passing through a crowded market area.

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